JazzBlaster started in 2016 at first as Rachoń-Rak-Betliński-Kulas Quartet. Soon, thanks to their energetic stage attitude, charisma and virtuosity - musicians gained viral fame of being great live performers. Enough to have quartet's concerts being sold out immediately after opening ticket sales. JazzBlaster's shows feature energetic mix of jazz - melodic, gentle and wild.
Piotr Rachoń is a visionary artist, often called "the piano shaman". While playing live Piotr is both wild and melancholic. A kind of Hendrix meeting Jarret. JazzBlaster's arrangements result from Piotr’s inspirations and love to Scandinavian players, jazz classics, classical music, roots & ethnic but also rock, soul & groove.
Tadek Kulas is a charismatic frontman. While playing live he is throwing trumpet/flugelhorn bolts and vocal torpedoes. Tadek is also experienced and open-minded artist. He and his punk stage attitude puts a wild flavour to JazzBlaster 's music.
Eugeniusz Betlinski is a bass player of master level. “Zenia” plays with different colours from aggressive attack to gentle "cello/violin" bow licks.
Finally Marcin Rak is a great young Polish drummer contributing his significant sound and technique. He's got incredible time and feeling playing both jazz & grooves or hip-hop.

The idea to adopt iconic Depeche Mode's music to jazz was a natural step for JazzBlaster. First live improvisations based on "Enjoy the silence" and “Personal Jesus” evolved to turn finally into a DM's based jazz project. "JazzBlaster plays Depeche Mode" is an original music dialogue with heritage of Mr. Gore & Co. Complex and sophisticated but primal and organic at the same time. JazzBlaster doesn't compromise. Rachoń, Kulas, Betliński & Rak managed to adopt these iconic songs and kept JazzBlaster's wild jazz identity, without loosing a Depeche Mode flavour.
In March 2017 JazzBlaster gave a sold out live show in Vertigo Jazz Club, Wrocław, Poland. It's a real live album with club's atmosphere that makes it sound natural. Recorded and mixed by Jacek Miłaszewski - a Polish producer & music engineer (Fryderyk Award nominee). So here it is. ”JazzBlaster plays Depeche Mode”. Enjoy!