Marek Napiórkowski is a leading Polish jazz guitarist and composer. He has been acclaimed by both the industry and critics becoming a six time nominee of the prestigious Music Award FRYDERYK in Jazz Musician of the Year and Jazz Album of the Year categories. Marek Napiórkowski's name has been credited on more than 150 albums with various artists.
Marek Napiórkowski's compositions on UP! were performed by some extraordinary jazz players: Krzysztof Herdzin (grand piano), an American drummer Clarence Penn (drums and percussion), Robert Kubiszyn (bass and double bass), Adam Pierończyk (soprano and tenor saxophones) and Henryk Miśkiewicz (bass clarinet). Also, the classical musicians took part in the two-day recording session. They formed a nonet: flute, oboe, two clarinets, bass clarinet, trombone, bassoon, French horn and cello. (source: